About me

In 2005 I founded International Encaustic Artists, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Over 375 artists are currently members. My work has been shown in museum and gallery exhibitions and I have many private collectors. I have been painting with hot wax for eleven years.


Why I paint

I paint for joy, deeper knowledge, and to connect to you. I  paint as much as I can. Painting is optimistic. It brings me into flow, sheds new light on meaning  and grounds me in the present. When I’m painting my body is saying, “yes, I ‘m alive,” feeling in love with the universe, with all people and things. If this isn’t a spiritual experience, I don’t know what is. I believe that as long as I keep at it, in the end I will end up with something I never imagined that shows some form of growth. That's the most faith I have in anything.


I am influenced by:

1. Smart, transparent, universal work that reflects things I accept as true. Think Rumi, Annie Lamot, Anais Nin, Stephen Sills, Vicente Wolf, Ben Shahn, Jules Fiefer, Ram Das, Siddhartha, Sally Mann, Anna Halprin,  Chagall.....


2. Intuitive work that comes from the unconscious: aboriginal paintings, Mark Tobey, Jean Dubuffet, Paul Klee.


3. Plants and  water especially in places like Singapore, Ubud, New Zeland, Kyoto, Pefkos, Dona Lucata, and Sea Ranch. I especially love the patterns in orchids.